Helping you buy the home you need at a price you can afford

This scheme allows you to buy a new build property at a discount against the market value, but, when you come to sell, the same discount is applied to the current market value. This means that the discount percentage is carried forward forever. It is a great scheme if you want to buy in a high-value area and cannot afford to do so, but it is important to remember that this is only available for plots 14 and 15.

Winchester City Council offers this scheme to people living or working in the local area, to purchase a property at Kings Meadow for 20% below the open market value.

To qualify for one of the discounted market sale homes, applicants must be

• A resident or employed within the Kings Worthy area.

• Earn a gross annual household income which does not exceed £80,000.

• Be unable to buy a suitable home to meet their needs on the open market.

• Not already own a home and to be the owner of the new property.


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